Atavism XI

Loading Number of Adventurers Online

The Only COP Era Server

Despite all of the private servers that have came and gone very few have been COP era servers. Nasomi stopped at COP for a while. Kupo was a COP server while it lasted. COP stood out because of its challenging content at lower levels, dark environments, and centrality to the world building of the game, adding layers to its lore. Players had to revert to and limit themselves to earlier levels, sneak through some of the darkest zones as a team, and finally get to their goal where they either lost a big fight or got an amazing cutscene. Since COP, FFXI took another direction. For example, instanced zones (salvage), melee burn, blm burn, smn burn, and mnk burn experience point parties, players of all levels and all jobs to participating in events together(beseiged), and adding jobs that fill multiple roles (to varying degrees) in a party have all made the game a little flatter.

Based on Air Sky Boat

Expect things to be similar to Air Sky Boat.

MNK More Viable Subjob

Something I did like about TOAU was that MNK became a more viable subjob. I try to do the same thing here by increaing several jobs H2H skill.

PLD and DRK MP Pool equals RDMs

This is how PLD and DRK were before the US release.

TOAU Merits

Gives you something to do 75+.


Several low level NMs from WOTG have been placed in the starter zones.

Accurate and Era Relevant Recipes

Each recipe was merticulously researched. Please reach out if you disagree with a recipe and see the crafting section of this site. Skillup rate 1.5x regaular skill up rate.

The larger your party - the more experience points you get

To encourage group play (the thing that made the game what it was) and due to low population the more people you have in your party the more exp you will get. Six Members: 150%, Five Members: 140%, Four Member: 130%, Three Members: 120%.

Unlimited AH Listings. Nothing Expires at the AH

Items don't sell very fast with lower population.

Dia/Bio Overwrite Works Both Ways

We are not biased.

Level Sync: Enabled

Not ideal but low population so... Similar to Horizons Level Sync.

No Global Yell

Some servers have it. Just mentioning that we don't use it.

Dual Boxing Allowed

Not ideal but low population so...

Three adventurers per account

No more.

Craft Skillup Chance

Chance to skill up at 1.5x normal rate. Also applies to fishing.

Server Tech Info

Operating System: Debian 12. Hardware: core i5 1140G7, 16GB LPDDR4X 4266MHz RAM, and a 512GB PCIe SSD Connection: 350mbps. SSH connection is available for me to acccess server remotely. Timeshift and BackNnTime are used to backup the server. Test server setup on same machine.